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Bharani Nakshatra (13:21 Aries to 25:40 Degree Aries)
Planet- Venus
Symbol- Virgina (Yoni)
Deity- God of death

Bharani nakhatra is about maintaining balance and harmony between wealth, luxury and responsibility. It's about nourishment and taking care of others. Although there is an aspect of motherhood here, this nakshatra is driven by Venus, and Venus's main aim is to seek pleasure through wealth, luxury and relationship. These folks strive to achieve the highest material success. But, striving for wealth also creates jealousy, enemy and envy. These folks love to gain wealth but do not like if they have a competition, after all we are in the sign of Aries ruled by competitive Mars. But now we are in Venus energy, and the mixture of Venus and Mars creates a very jailors, sexual and idealistic person. On the positive note thought they make some of the best nurses and medicine men, but more so care takers and nurses, because baring something means you are taking responsibility to take care of something or someone. This is why these folks take on the responsibility and burden of the world upon themselves.

This nakshatra is about taking things in, taking energy in, taking pain of other people in. They want to take the energy of you within and heal it, and protect it. Like the previous nakshatra which is about running here, running there, and doing active things, this nakshatra allows Aries people to be a bit more sudden and calm in their approach. So anyone born in the Moon sign or Sun sign of Aries between 13:21 to 26:40 degree of Aries will actually have a much more caring demeanor than impulsive. There are more feelings involved. And such people may not like to work 7 days a week like Ashwani people, they are more about working less and giving more. They want to heal the world by exerting less energy.

The problem is Bharani nakhsatra moon people take on so much of other people that it can cause them to feel suppressed, depressed and buried under the pain of the world and people they don't even know. They must balance their energy of taking care of others.

Bharani nakshatra pada 1- A person born under the pada 1 of Bharani nakshtra will display a bit of suspicious nature while trying to build trust with others. They also might miss opportunity due to their over questioning of others. Any opportunity from career, money, investments, business ideas may slip by if they do not start trusting people. However, these people will sacrifice themselves for the people who they care most about.

Bharani nakshatra pada 2- There is bit of a luck working of such folks. When they care for someone or take on the responsibility of others usually they will be rewarded by the other. This is why pada 2 people can inherited a lot of wealth from others just by taking care of them, like those senior citizen care taker who get all the wealth after those seniors die. They make good employees and are quite lucky in career matters as well. They usually find riches and wealth in their life quite early on, especially around the age of 24-28. They are also not as jealous as pada 1 people.

Bharani nakshatra pada 3- These folks are also well liked and respected in their community, but there is a greater need of support in their life. They tend to find success and wealth only through the help or assistant of others, but to be going on their own venture might become a hard tasks like owning their own business or making their own investments. It's better to have your spouse run your business, or have the business under their name unless they themselves are also pada 3 people in Bharani nakshatra. In such case putting things under mother or parents might work quite well.

Bharani nakshatra pada 4-Pada 4 people can be quite demanding and controlling and may even demand things in life. They have the way to attain what they want, when they want and how they want but if certain planetary alignments are there with conjunctions or aspect upon this moon the person take easily take advantage of people without any remorse.  Such people have the ability to seduce others, have unaccounted wealth, hidden wealth but on the opposite some even can become devote of Krishna.

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