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What is Astrocartography? How to study Astrocartography? 

Astrocartography is simply a world map which shows which sign was rising on which country during the time of your birth. This map unveils the secrets of re-location astrology. Many people suffer in their birth country or when they move to a new place, which could also be in the same birth country. This can be seen through Astrocartography map. 

Take a look at the image below


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In this map you can see there are sections of zodiac sign going across from north to south. This tells you the signs that were rising during your brith time. Your own rising in your horoscope will always be on top of the city you were born in.  One thing to remember is that one country can have two different zodiac signs rising. 

Look at the image below 

As you can see the red line is crossing between India where Capricorn on one block and Aquarius on the other. This means, shifting from east to west side of the country one can experience different results. This is why sometimes moving to a different can change the luck of the native for better or for worst. This is where re-location location astrology comes handy. But, how do you read a chart through Astrocartography report? 

This is simple. If you were born in New Delhi with the map above, you were born as a Capricorn ascendant. That means all your planets are aligned accordingly to your ascendant. But, if someone was born in Chennai or Kolkata, they would be born under Aquarius ascendant at the exact same time. This is because two zodiac signs belt are crossing in India. 

Chart 1

Chart 2
Did you notice how planets changed their house placements with different ascendants? This is how you judge a chart in Astrocartography. You see the original chart where the native was born, and then you see the place native wants to move to. With the help of their Astrocartography chart you can see the rising sign rising at the time of their birth on a different country and use that zodiac sign as the ascendant for the native. This will show how each aspect of his or her life will come to live in the different location. 

In Capricorn ascendant chart Saturn is in the 12th house of losses, expenses, foreign settlements and even jails. In the Aquarius rising chart, which is just the east coast of India, shows the ascendant lord is now in the 11th house, meaning gains of all kinds and making money through network circle. One ascendant shows more of a spiritual life (Capricorn) and the other shows more of a professional life (Aquarius). When you look a chart in this form, you will see how the native's life will be impacted. 

If you want to achieve success in education, look at the 5th house of your original chart and the country or place you are thinking of going for study. See how educational house will come to life with the move.