kapiel raaj, ardra nakshatra
Anuradha Nakshatra (03:20 Gemini to 16:40 Gemini)
Planet- Saturn
Symbol- Arch or Lotus flower
Deity- Mitra, God of friendship 

Ardra nakshatra is about the mind being in constant fear and turbulent state. A state that human feel when they break up, get a divorce, lose that promotion. That feeling of fear and anxiety is always within on a constant basis. This is due to Saturn ruling this nakshatra and Saturn is the karaka of fear and anxiety, yet there is a lot of stability here for the mind because of Saturn. The state of fear is there but the mind still operates on a responsible level. Saturn slows the emotions down and brings balance. They are extremely emotional and get attached to people very quickly. They become obsessed with things quickly. Moon and Venus don't do well here because emotions and love requires balance which is not provided here. Early on in life they suffer far more emotionally than later when the mind matures. But one thing to notice that every good time follows with a sudden bad time for them, quite frequently in the early states of  youth. In 30's the this impact slows down dramatically but it's still there.

When it comes to relationship and friendship, they completely want to dive into it and extend the hand of love and friendship. They do this without really looking at the person long enough. They feel they know everything about the person right away which is not the case. This is like an illusion as a karmic payback. They need to give lot of time before committing into relationships and friendships, otherwise it can blow up on their face. Saturn here wants to teach them a lesson of patience and slowing down, this is why they are quick to jump into things without really looking at the whole picture. With time though they realize what Saturn is trying to tell them. There is also a natural inclination towards occult world, especially astrology because Saturn represents the secret of the dark world and dark side of life. They love diving into things like aliens, ufo, ghosts, magic and astrology.

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