"I was skeptical towards astrology until Kapiel did my chart. It was uncanny how accurate he was."

"Kapiel has a refreshing down to earth way of explaining the metaphysical world around us. He brings a lot to the table in his books, I highly recommend checking them out."

Gigi Young 

"I must say I was quite amazed after kapiel did my birth chart. He picked up on so many fine details of my life from my childhood till present with a very unique inner understanding which I feel is lacking in most of today’s astrologers. You are a very lucky person if you have found his website as you will finally find all of the answers you have been seeking and with kapiel’s help your life will be blessed many times over, his contributions to astrology will receive wide acclaim as many peoples lives will be changed for the better." 

Danny Myer

Vedic Astrology & Jyotish Sciences 
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"While you only see the seed within you, I see the flower blooming" ~ Kapiel Raaj
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This website is dedicated to Hindu Astrology. What is Hindu astrology? It's the most accurate and detailed astrological science which relies on predicting about specific events in a native's life. This Hindu astrology has been the core of India and now slowly infecting the world. It's foundation is based upon houses, signs, nakshatras, mahadashas and karakas in Jamini. This is the easiest science to learn. 
legal disclaimer 

Astrology is not a proven science or exact method of seeing everything in your life. It's a spiritual guidance that one may or may not accept. There is nothing definite in astrology and nothing can ever be predicted 100%, this is simply a game of chess played by a astrologer. Never fully rely on astrology for any answer. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized subconsciously. No astrologer in the world can be 100% right. 

I retain the rights to refuse reading and consultation to whomever I like for any reason I like. There are many reason, 1. you made slander, defamatory statements against me or against other astrologers because that is a big sin in astrology to insult an astrologer even if they were wrong in public form, your chart shows the combination where an astrologer will fail. I could be over booked by readings so I will refund you due to my limited time. If you have blackmiled me in past cursed at me via email or social media I will refuse doing your reading. 
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I have finally opened up my on-line academy to learn astrology in the simplest form with hidden techniques of Nadis, Nakahstras and ascendant principle which are overlooked with the mind which wants to make things complex. This academy can be joined at any time and individual student can take however long they want to learn the subject A-Z. You can join this course and start learning instantly. In the first 5 lessons you will be able to make predictions without knowing a birth chart. 
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